Phillip Brown

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Dear Guest,
Come join what we believe is a unique group of people. Real people serving a very REAL GOD!  

At Heart of Worship, we understand that we are not perfect.  We are much to the opposite, imperfect people.  We have no false ideas of who we are.  However, we do know that because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we have been saved and can now face God knowing that we are heirs to His throne.  

We invite you to come as you are, and remember God loves you just the way you are.  He wants to show you a life that you could never imagine.  Jeremiah 29:11. 

Hope to see you soon,

Love y'all,

Pastor P 

  July 2020  
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  • Women's Retreat

    2nd Annual Women's Retreat

    Lubbock, TX - Bill & Sara's Home

    More info will be posted as details are finalized - Stay Tuned!